Revision: Python basics

file2071275761172Still plodding through strings, numbers, looping, lists, dicts etc. and all the basics of Python before I can get going with pandas. Everything seems slow going and I feel like even after 7 years of studying, because I’ve only learned what the modules have taught, that I can’t actually ‘play’ with the coding much.

For example, I’m working my way through Think Python by Downey, and I’m stuck on one of the exercise answers. It says here that the answers are available in this Github repository. Now, I covered a bit of version control using TortoiseSVN, but I don’t understand – how do I get at the answers? All I can see are correction code files. It’s this type of thing that trips me up all the time.

A lot of the OU teaching is based on going into a working environment rather than how to set things up yourself. So I can code an algorithm, but if I wanted to have my own server with a website and access to an SQL database, or create my own app, or anything that involved going it alone, I’m not sure how to do this.


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