TM351 Week 3

Still waiting patiently for spring… Grey. Dreich. Rain.

This week I added the TM351 virtual machine, Jupyter and OpenRefine to my laptop for work, as i don’t think I can install all that software onto a work PC.

Everything fell over on my home PC with the virtual machine, vagrant and the course software so spent a couple of evenings and the forums pulling that back to life.

I’ve been learning about dirty data, data laundering and cleansing.

Practical work: cleansing data in OpenRefine – for example removing extra whitespace, commas from monetary columns, typecasting columns. I’m now learning how to do this in Jupyter using Python pandas libraries.

Oh God, regex is back in my life.. great fun when working, great frustration when I can’t figure it out…

Checked the iCMA and realised I had been panicking that it covered Parts 1-3, when it was only parts 1-2 so managed to get that out the road as I’m halfway through part 3 at the moment. This means I can go to knitting group on Tuesday, so chuffed about that.

I’ve got a migraine and lots on this weekend so it’s a bit of a challenge to keep ahead of things. Mainly quite tired. The jump from level 2 to 3 in addition to the 7 month gap between modules has lead to me finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Plus I have my Bohus jumper to finish before Edinburgh yarn Fest next month – priorities!

Started question 1 of TMA01 since that also only needs knowledge of Parts 1-2. Lots of fun putting everything into practice. I can really say I’m enjoying this course a lot. One of the very first that I’m happy to sit working at and don’t notice the time passing. I love coding, but I do get very easily distracted. I’m not sure how I would have passed my school exams if the internet had been around then! But I can quite happily work on this for ages. Let’s hope that continues throughout.


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