TM351 Week 2


A late start to the week, what with multiple doctor, dentist, hospital appointments, cinema trips and the like. Wednesday already and I’m just getting started on week 2 material having not really finished week 1 fully. Parents here at the weekend mean I’m falling behind, so am going to take a days leave to catch up next week. No point taking it this week or I’ll just do a pre-parent clean instead of studying!

Reading: Cracked open Part 2 – Acquiring and representing data. Learning a bit more about encodings and how important they are in being able to capture data.

Totally confused by numbers for measurements and Stevens’ NOIR. The exercise said 20 mins and I gave it a good 1 hour and 20 mins and then had to move on. Slightly alarmed by reading lists that require me to look up a word in every sentence… no chance to get a train of thought going with that type of reading!

Practical: Also using the Jupyter notebooks to learn what pandas is about – mainly series and DataFrames i.e. making pretty tables with data!

Feeling pretty pleased with myself as managed to figure out what to do to create a JSON Table Schema when I’m still getting to grips with what exactly that is – Netbeans my friends! Save as .json. Looks like HTML type markup.

Lots of new words, software and ideas to get my head round this week; JSON, pandas, OpenRefine, JSONLint, CSV Lint Service. But have to say that it’s pretty cool being able to get CSV data from government websites and make customised tables with it!

So that’s Part 2 pretty much in the bag. Print out Part 3 tomorrow – speed through at breakneck speed as iCMA is due in a week today and is assessing Parts 1-3.


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