TM351 Week 1

2014-01-12 08.24.19Trying to get to grips with Notebook and iPython this week, while reading the intro to acquiring and representing data.

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed with the volume of practical coding and reading I’m going to have to do. It’s going along quite slowly due to my lack of experience with Python and Notebook.

Also, although it’s all working at the moment, I’m not really sure I understand how the whole Linux virtual machine is set up. I’ll maybe have to look into that when I have more time.

The reading is interesting though and as I work with statistical data as part of my job, the course text and reading lists are proving useful and relevant.

Coding fun:

The dir() command – I actually ‘ooh’d out loud! This is genius and perfect for beginners to Python, especially for collection objects. It lists all the methods and attributes the argument object can use.

And now I know what lambda means = on the fly function!


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